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5 Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners 

In order to take care of business, we have to take care of ourselves.  It sounds absurdly simple but definitely is not.  The majority of us work in and on our businesses simultaneously which is exhausting.   In the midst of the grind, important things like basic self-care often take a back seat.  Instead, tasks like research, marketing, managing, and labor become first priority at any and all hours. 

We reason to ourselves that working non-stop is a sure way to avoid failure.  In reality though, unless we’re committed to caring for ourselves everything else will suffer.  You cannot pour from an empty cup.

To best manage the growth and day-to-day demands of your small business, discover our favorite 5 self-care tips:


This is self-care tip #1 for a reason. All over the world mistakes and miscommunications occur daily because someone hasn’t eaten.  Too often that someone has been me.  Don’t let it be you.

On a too-long empty stomach, good judgment is completely lost.  Common and irritating mistakes like overbooking, poor hiring, miscommunications, and over-sensitivity are more likely to occur.  Needless to say, it’s a horrible feeling to fumble an opportunity.  But it’s an even worse feeling to realize that these types of mistakes are 100% avoidable.

To secure good judgment, take the time to eat.  We’re better equipped to manage our workload when we eat regularly. 


Without sleep, life is a mess and small business is no different.  A two or three-hour job can easily stretch into five.  Everything moves slowly.  Small things like sending invoices seem to be huge looming tasks when in reality they take minutes if not seconds to complete. When working tired, absolutely everything seems worse and more difficult than it is.  It’s impossible to lead a team well or make great first impressions that way.

For an energized, clear-thinking work life get plenty of rest.  Leave the day’s troubles and to-do lists behind long enough to get a reasonable amount of uninterrupted sleep.   


Rushing never leads to excellence.  In fact, it usually works against us. 

We always hear that haste makes waste.  In small business that could not be any truer.  Rushing leads to costly mistakes. Speeding through bids or estimates, responding to important messages before thinking (and double-checking your response), and rushing through job prep or inventory all lead to excess expense in the long run.  Perhaps most importantly, if we speed through our jobs or the actual services we provide, we’ll lose repeat clients and gain a negative reputation.

This is a critical self-care tip for small business owners. For the smoother operation of your business, slow down.  Take the time to do things diligently and correctly.


Regular exercise certainly helps keep us physically healthy.  But it also does wonders for our minds and mentality.

For starters, it is an amazing stress reliever.  We’re more settled and clear-headed after breaking a sweat.  It picks up our mood, increases our endurance.  It sharpens our thinking and helps us maintain an energetic approach to our work.

To feel good and function well, exercise daily.  It relieves so much of the stress we carry.


For better or worse, our thoughts and thought habits directly determine our ability to succeed or not.  A negative mindset halts our potential, whereas a positive one is certain to increase it. 

When we’re angry or become overly discouraged at every no the yes-es are sure to be fewer and come further apart.  If we loathe the hiring process, it’s going to be unpleasant.  If our expectation is to be received poorly, we will be.  A negative mindset can only build a negative reality. 

On the other hand, a determination to focus on, visualize, and expect the good will always serve us well.  A positive expectation changes the way we speak and behave.  It even changes our posture.  If we walk into a situation trusting that its outcome will work toward the good of our vision and goals, we will inevitably manage that situation differently.  To put it another way, we have to bring to the table a belief in the abundance we’re hoping to find at the table.  Why would we take these risks without truly believing that what we hope to achieve is possible?

Believe.  Do the work, trust the process, and expect the good.  This will revolutionize your business (and your life). 

In Conclusion

Developing and operating a small business is difficult.  Self-care, though it may seem unimportant in a moment, is in fact caring for your small business.  As business owners, we simply cannot afford to not care for ourselves. 

If you’d like to grow and maintain your vision and sanity; eat, sleep, exercise, slow down, and focus on the good.  These will protect you from poor judgment, unclear thinking, less-than-awesome results, low energy, and a negative mindset.

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5 Self-Care Tips for Small Business Owners 
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