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Q: Who owns Got Clean?

A: Amber Brown (Hello!)

Q: How long has Got Clean been in business?

A: Got Clean became an LLC in Dec of 2018.

Q: Which area(s) of Oklahoma do you service?

A: We provide house cleaning in and around Oklahoma City; including Edmond, Yukon, Piedmont, and Midwest City.

Q: What are the benefits of housecleaning?

A: The benefits are ginormous!

Regular or recurring housecleaning smooths the home’s overall functioning, helps make and maintain great impressions, and adds an unmatched level of comfort and warmth to the home. It helps maintain the interior integrity of the home plus keeps you and your family healthier, more organized, and more efficient. Recurring cleaning also saves you money… Your home will be in significantly better condition when you’re ready to sell or rent it out IF its clean has been maintained. Most importantly though, having a cleaning service manage your messes saves you a ton of the most valuable thing on earth- TIME.

Deep cleaning helps further maintain the interior integrity of your home because with it every area gets touched, moved, cleaned, disinfected, dusted, etc. If you cannot afford recurring cleaning, prefer to manage your own regular cleaning, or just cannot keep the home as clean as you’d like; schedule a deep clean each quarter or have it done once or twice yearly.

A moving clean will save you time and stress and money. It will help you recover deposits and escape last minute charges for messes left behind. You need a thorough move out clean to adequately prepare for new owners and renters. When you’re moving, your focus is on that move; it’s easy (and normal) to miss or overlook items. On the other hand, when we’re cleaning, we’re moving methodically through the home with the sole purpose of leaving it spotless.

Post-construction cleaning is valuable because without it, you’d be moving in (or moving someone else in) on top of layers of thick dust and construction residue. The air of your newly constructed space cannot feel amazing without a detailed clean. Post-construction cleaning is intended to prepare the new structure or space for clean living or thriving new business.

Q: Do you furnish your own supplies and equipment?

A: Yes, we do. Our recurring cleaning set up consists of an extending duster, steam mop and steam mop pad(s), a vacuum (with wand), gloves, microfiber cloths, paper towels, a toilet brush, trash liners, Barkeeper’s Helper, stainless steel cleaner, Ms. Meyer’s (usually honeysuckle), Odoban (virucidal disinfectant, eucalyptus), Murphy’s wood cleaner (smells like oranges) + polish, and glass cleaner.

Q: How do you charge?

A: Your price per clean is based on our Cost of Goods Sold. The size of your home, frequency of your clean, scope of service(s), distance we travel, and number of cleaners needed are used to determine your cost.

Q: Are you licensed and insured?

A: We are.

Q: Do you clean in the evenings and on weekends?

A: Yes. Your recurring or one-time clean can end as late as 6pm on weekdays and weekends. Weekend availability is limited so it’s best to book in advance. We will try to help if you’re in a pinch. If you need a home cleaned asap (on a weekend or in the evening) and need to turn the keys in next day, give us a call. If we can do it, we will. If not, we’ll be upfront about it.

Q: How do you estimate how long my clean will take?

A: We estimate how many hours your clean will take based on your home’s size, condition, frequency of the service, the amount of cleaners on the job, and how many add-ons your service includes.

Q: Will I have the same cleaner(s) on my recurring clean each time?

A: We will always do our best to keep the same cleaner(s) on your account because we understand that what we do is built on trust. Life tends to happen though so we can’t promise perfection. When it does happen, our adjustments will be according to your comfort level. We’ll ask before making adjustments and give you as much notice as possible.

Q: Can I request additional services along with my recurring clean from time to time?

A: Yes. We absolutely recommend a deep clean at least once or twice yearly in addition to your recurring cleaning. Schedule this quarterly or as you see fit. And, feel free to add things like your fridge or oven being cleaned out, windows being done (inside and/or out), porches and patios being swept off, dishes being done, laundry, help organizing, leather being cleaned,changing of light bulbs, etc.; please ask us ahead of time though so we can plan, bill you accordingly, and schedule accurately. We won’t bill for every little helpful thing we do so please feel free to ask your cleaner(s) to do things like move heavy or cumbersome items, reach things that are hard to get, change light bulbs, etc. without fear of a change in pricing.

Q: Am I expected to tip my cleaner?

A: No. Tipping is an excellent way to show your cleaner how much you appreciate them but it is not expected or required.

Q: What should I do if I’m dissatisfied with my clean/the service I’m receiving?

A: Best Case Scenario: Let your cleaner know what’s not working well first and give them a chance to fix it. If they do not or cannot correct the issue, call or shoot us a message and we will fix it quickly.

If your cleaner is not a good fit for you, contact us. Let us know what isn’t working and we’ll find a good match for your household.

Q: Will Got Clean clean my office on a one-time or regular basis?

A: Yes. Request a free estimate for office or building equipment any time. Do keep in mind that commercial cleaning is generally more expensive than house cleaning.

Q & A
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