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Five Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing

Having a musty or weird smell in your home is bothersome. It makes you uncomfortable.  And it makes your guests uncomfortable.  If your home smells funny, there is a problem within the vicinity. And it must be fixed in order for you to properly enjoy your comfort zone.

Your home can smell as fresh as a summer breeze if you properly care for it. Today’s blog post is designed to help you make your home smell amazing.

  • Keep Your Dishwasher Clean – Food debris builds up quickly in your dishwasher. It’s the perfect breeding ground for all manner of microorganisms. Deep clean your dishwasher not just to keep your home from smelling funky but also to increase its lifespan. To clean it, run it empty using just a cup of distilled white vinegar. This can also protect the drain, hose, and filter from sudden blockage. If you do this regularly, you’ll save $$$ on service calls and guard yourself against unnecessary odors.   
  • Keep Your Trashcans Clean – Trashcans are easily infected with germs since we’re constantly putting waste into them. The best way to protect your household is to clean your trashcans regularly.  For the best results, clean the insides of your trashcans with a baking powder paste and water.  On the outside any multipurpose cleaner that also disinfects will do. 
  • Keep Your Carpets Clean – Carpets attract and hold dust. And whenever food particles and drinks get onto them, it accumulates, and they begin to stink. To enjoy the cozy feeling that your carpets should give, it is best to take care of them. Vacuuming your carpets is helpful, but vacuuming alone isn’t enough to keep them clean. It’s best to have them cleaned by professionals regularly.  
  • Keep Your Bathrooms Clean – Foul odors at home often result from the state of the bathrooms. Keep these clean to help eliminate strange odors. 
  • Decorate With Fresh Flowers – Keep fresh flowers in your home for a pleasant and welcoming smell. Just be sure to place the flowers in a good spot where they’ll receive proper lighting. Beyond helping your home smell amazing, fresh flowers will lighten your spirit and remind you of nature’s beauty.

The small things we do at home matter a lot. Clean your dishwasher, trashcans, carpets, and bathrooms regularly; and decorate with fresh flowers to make your home smell amazing.

If you’re a busy parent, with no time to commit to keeping your home clean, consider hiring a professional cleaning service, like Got Clean, to help you out.

Tell us how you keep your home smelling amazing in the comments below. Like and share this post to help us show up the algorithms. And, get 10% off your clean by saying or typing “odorless” when you request an estimate for your clean.

Five Ways to Make Your Home Smell Amazing
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