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Seven Important Aspects of Exceptional Customer Service:

A Got Clean Perspective

While we love the satisfaction of a good clean, Got Clean‘s true passion is customer service. Below are seven characteristics or ingredients (in no particular order) that we believe are necessary to provide exceptional service.


This is often imitated but impossible to fake. A genuine want to serve others is unmistakable and effortlessly enhances the client experience.


Consistency is incomparable in service. To keep showing up, giving your best, and improving along the way is difficult but well worth it. If small business required just one quality, it would be this.


Good service demands availability. We have to be available to listen, respond with action, make adjustments, etc. We must be available to learn and then meet our client’s needs.


The ability to pick up on non-verbal cues is helpful. Clients do not communicate in one predictable way. They don’t want the same things from us. We want to detect their pace and comfort level, then keep the service in or as close to that pocket as possible.


Every home, each client, and all of our cleaners are different. Adaptation is the name of the game. Being prepared and equipped to meet each individual where they’re at and play your part well is priceless.


Kindness, consistency, intuition, availability, and flexibility are important. The ability to deliver the actual service well is most critical. In our case, none of this works if the homes aren’t clean.


If we’re truly serving others, what we do adds value to our client’s quality of life. This value then works together, with our client’s efforts and goals, for the good of their bigger picture.

Give & Get Exceptional Customer Service

If you’d like to get exceptional service, get Got Clean!

To give superior customer service do these things: love serving, keep showing up, make yourself available, tune in, adapt to the situation, deliver a quality product, and be determined to add value to your clients lives.

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Seven Important Aspects of Exceptional Customer Service:
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